30 years of manufacturing experience

ERNA – Superior quality sterilizer manufacturer

ERNA is one of the leading sterilizer manufacturers in the world. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and over 600 sterilizers operating worldwide, ERNA has solidified its position as the pioneer of quality and reliability in steam sterilizers, industrial type EtO sterilizers and special waste sterilizers.

ERNA is recognized by the “Superior Achievement Prize” of the Turkish Health Digest. ERNA sterilizers are manufactured according to

  • ISO 9001:2008,
  • EC Directive 93/42 EEC (MDD),
  • EC Directive 97/23 EC (PED),
  • EN ISO 13485:2003

Our Highlights

Highly qualified engineering and technical-service teams of ERNA work together with the academic-consultants from the esteemed universities in Ankara, Turkey.
With an ongoing commitment to maintain and improve the quality and standards ERNA has the Quality Management Policy: “By following the technological developments, according to the needs of users, to manufacture the functional, reliable and aesthetic equipment and to continue the after-sale customer satisfaction by the support of technical service.”

Our Products

Steam Sterilizers

ERNA steam sterilizers are designed and built to meet the highest quality standards. Full-fledged ERNA service warranty all over the world including maintenance and product part support.

Industrial EtO Gas Sterilizer

ERNA large-sized  Ethyleneoxide sterilizers are designed to sterilize thermolabile equipment at low temperatures (37 – 55C) for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries

Medical Waste Steam Sterilizers

  1. Two Separate Steam Generators
  2. Heavy Duty Built-In Shredder
  3. Chamber : S/S 316L Quality
  4. Heating Jacket : S/S 304L
  5. Vertical or Horizontally Sliding Doors
  6. Semi-Automatic Opening/Closing System for the Doors (With Pneumatic Cylinders)


ERNA Sterilizers operating worldwide

countries where ERNA sterilizers are installed

years of manufacturing experience

ERNA Ltd. Co.
1819. Sokak No:7 Ergazi 06370Ankara/Turkey
Tel : +90 312 257 2121
E-mail: info@erna-medical.com

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