The ERNA Sterilizer meets the needs of today-s O.R. and other areas of the hospital. The Century features foot pedal operation of the automatic sliding door for hands-free loading and unloading. The vacuum fluorescent touch panel permits direct operator cycle selection. The large display of time remaining during the cycle allows the operator to perform other tasks while awaiting cycle completion.

Features of software and programs
ERNA sterilizer has all the standard sterilization and testing programs. Such as wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments, container, textile and glass material sterilization programs. Additionally, bowie and dick testing also vacuum leak testing programs. It is possible to customize the programs according to the requirements of the user.

The recorder can be an integrated printer or it can be a standalone printer linked to a PC that is connected to the Sterilizer through the PLC. It is possible to record all the sterilization parameters and also the date and the time of sterilization periodically.

ERNA Sterilizer has the archive program for the purpose validation application. The Date, the name of the user, lot numbers of the container or the packages etc. of the sterilization process can be stored for five years period. In case of necessity this data can be searched, stored and printed out by the user. Bar coding application can be realized also.

Automatic command and control
The automatic unit that is the PLC, the commands and controls all the sterilization process and parameters with an industrial type of microprocessor. It is possible to be connected to a network through the PLC. It has international standard and approvals with its high quality.

Automatic command and control display
Different types of displays can be used in the system, in order to get the command and control. The display can be an LCD with (soft-key) membrane keyboard buttons or LCD with touch screen display or it can be even a graphical LCD display. All type of displays have international standard and approvals with its high quality.

The printer is heat and humidity resistant. It records all the sterilization process and the parameters. The printer is a panel type printer and can be assembled easily to the sterilizerElectrically heated and steam generator
The steam generator is designed to supply the necessary saturated steam for the sterilizer. The generator can be a independent unit with all types of its control features. But it can be used as a Integrated(combined) unit to the sterilizer too. It is made of AISI 316L stainless steel material with heat isolation. For safety reasons two different types of pressure control components controls the pressure of the steam generator.