Steam Sterilizers


Erna Sterilizers have all the standard sterilization and testing programs such as; 134 C programs, 121 C programs, user Programs. Additionally, Bowie&Dick Test and Air Leakage Test programs. It is possible to customize programs according to the requirements of the user.

An alpha-numeric printer, prints the date, program selected and parameters of the program, at the start. Then, the
time, temperature and pressure is recorded periodically. An independent electronic paperless recorder can be adapted; to record chamber temperature and pressures. Erna sterilizers have the archive program for the purpose of validation applications.

The date, time, name of the user, lot number of the containers or the packages of the sterilization process can be stored for years in case of necessity. These data can be searched, sorted and printed out by the user. Bar-coding applications can be realized as well.

Automatic unit controls all the sterilization process and parameters with an industrial type of microprocessor, namely PLC. It has the international standards and approvals with its high quality. For updating the programs, it is possible to be online with the PLC and to download new programs from the ERNA center.

Different types of display can be used in the system, in order to get automatic command and control. The display can be LCD with soft-key (membrane keyboard) buttons or LCD with touch screen display or it can be even a graphical LCD display. All types of display have also the international standards with its high quality.

The operator panel is a touch screen. Program parameters and cycle information is displayed on the panel. Program selection, start, interruption and manual control is achieved by using a touch panel. They have internationally accepted approvals and high quality.

The printer is heat and humidity resistant. It records all the sterilization process and parameters. The printer is a panel type printer and can be assembled easily to the sterilizer.

The integrated electrical steam generator is designed to supply necessary saturated steam for the sterilizers. The Pressure is controlled electronically by a pressure transmitter and checked by a pressure switch for safety.


MODELDimensions of the Chamber as WxHxD (cm)Capacity of the Chamber(Litres)External Dimensions(cm)Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)Operating Temperature Range (°C)Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Power (KW)Weight (Kg)
EK 3670TP32x64x68138100x200x1002.5121-1344005025510
EK 3613TP32x64x130266100x200x1482.5121-1344005035510
EK 4480TP40x40x80128108x200x1102.5121-1344005025400
EK 4510TP45x45x105212112x200x1342.5121-1344005035480
EK 5510TP50x50x105262117x200x1342.5121-1344005035550
EK 5512TP50x50x120300117x200x1482.5121-1344005035580
EK 6610TP60x65x105409127x200x1342.5121-1344005045600
EK 6613TP60x65x130507127x200x1582.5121-1344005045720
EK 6710TP64x66x105443131x200x1342.5121-1344005045650
EK 6713TP64x66x130549131x200x1582.5121-1344005050780
EK 6910TP64x94x105631193x200x1402.5121-1344005060880
EK 6913TP64x94x130782193x200x1652.5121-13440050601020
EK 6913TP64x94x155932193x200x1852.5121-13440050601200
  • Automatic and the double door options are available for the models above
  • Chamber depth is increased by 5 cm for the double-door models
  • Standard chamber dimensions may be altered by 5% according to the customer requirements.
  • Standard external sizes may be adjusted as per installation site specifications