Formaldehyde/Steam Sterilizers

This range of ERNA sterilizers combines steam sterilization with the low temperature steam and formaldehyde (LTSF) sterilization of heat-sensitive items. Combining two sterilization methods into single equipment increases the efficiency incredibly.

Formaldehyde / Steam sterilizers are designed especially for the Central Sterilization Departments. ERNA’s wide range of dimensions helps to meet different needs of the hospitals. The sterilizer is designed to meet the highest standards of safety.

Automatic unit commands and controls all the sterilization process and parameters with an industrial type of microprocessor, PLC. Once the Steam or FO mode is selected, it is possible to operate the sterilizer as if it is steam or FO sterilizer. Mode can be changed in a short time.

Highlights of ERNA Formaldehyde & Steam Sterilizers

  1. Temperature range: 650C – 750C (Formaldehyde mode) -1210C – 1340C (Steam mode)
  2. Sterilization agent: 2% Formaldehyde Solution(Formaldehyde mode), – Saturated steam(Steam Mode)
  3. Lower operating cost
  4. Delicate Heating With Steam
  5. Water Ring Vacuum Pump
  6. Chamber : S/S 316L Quality and Heating Jacket : S/S 304L
  7. Vertically Sliding Door(s) with Optional Automatic Door(s)
  8. Pass Through models are available
  9. Air Filter (0.2 Micron)
  10. Stainless Steel Piping in steam & formaldehyde gas lines.

Formaldehyde Sterilization Parameters








Superior quality ERNA Formaldehyde Sterilizers vary between 128 lt – 549 lt. and are manufactured as horizontal and vertical models. For each model single as well as double door options are available

  • —AISI 316L chamber with 10 years of warranty
  • —High quality spare parts with renowned brands
  • —Reliable automatic control with PLC
  • —Easy manual operation by touch panel
  • —Validated programs
  • —Alphanumeric printer
  • —Independent recorder (optional)
  • —Water ring type vacuum pump
  • —Pneumatic valves
  • — 2% Formaldehyde solution as sterilizing agent in bags
  • —Delicate heating with steam under vacuum
  • —Full-fledged technical service
  • —Complied with EN 14180
  • —Certified according to 93/42/EEC and 97/23/EC or ASME certified chamber (optional)
  • Upon request combined model of steam and formaldehyde sterilizer can be manufactured
MODELDimensions of the Chamber as WxHxD (cm)Capacity of the Chamber(Litres)External Dimensions(cm)Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)Operating Temperature Range (°C)Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Power (KW)Weight (Kg)
EBF 4480TP40x40x80128108x200x1102.5121-134

EBF 4510TP45x45x105212112x200x1342.5121-134

EBF 5510TP50x50x105262117x200x1342.5121-134

EBF 5512TP50x50x120300117x200x1482.5121-134

EBF 6610TP60x65x105409127x200x1342.5121-134

EBF 6613TP60x65x130507127x200x1582.5121-134

EBF 6710TP64x66x105443131x200x1342.5121-134

EBF 6713TP64x66x130549131x200x1582.5121-134

  • Automatic and the double door options are available for the models above
  • Chamber depth is increased by 5 cm for the double-door models
  • Standard chamber dimensions may be altered by 5% according to the customer requirements.
  • Standard external sizes may be adjusted as per installation site specifications