Industrial EtO Gas Sterilizer

ERNA Ethyleneoxide gas sterilizers are designed to sterilize thermolabile medical equipment at low temperatures (37 – 550 C).Industrial type ERNA EtO sterilizers are designed to sterilize medical equipment or packed disposable medical products at low temperatures (37 – 55 0 C). Sterilizers are designed for the specific client sites with modular systems such as: EtO gas circulation, automatic bottle changeover, EtO scrubber and EtO / H2O concentration sensor.

A printer is standard part of each sterilizer. It prints the date, programselected and parameters of the program, at the start. Then, the time,temperature and pressure is recorded periodically. Optionally, a paperless – electronic recorder can be integreted to the sterilizer control. The graphs of temperature and pressure is saved in its flash memory, and can be copied to a PC in order to be stored for years.

The automatic unit mainly consists of an industrial type microprocessor, namely PLC. It is reliable with its high
quality and international approvals. It controls all the sterilization process and parameters. With the help of a modem, it is possible to be online with the PLC and to download new programs from the ERNA center.

The operator panel is a touch screen. Program parameters and cycle information is displayed on the panel. Program selection, start, interruption and manual control is achieved by using a touch panel. They have internationally accepted approvals and high quality.Different types of display can be used in the system, in order to monitor the process.

ERNA Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers have six open programs and leakage test programs. The parameters of open programs can be set by autorize person of user. It is possible to customize programs prior to delivery, according to the requirments of the user.

The printers is heat and humidity resistant. It records all the sterilization process and parameters. The printer is a panel type printer and can be assembled easily to the sterilizer.

The integrated electrical steam generator is designed to , supply necessary saturated steam for the sterilizers. It is controlled by PLC and a oressure switch, for safety.

EtO Sterilization Main Parameters

  • Temperature
  • EtO Concentration
  • Humidity
  • Exposure Time

All these parameters define the pressure inside the chamber










Highlights of Industrial Type Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

  • Chamber : S/S 316L Quality with 5 years of warranty
  • Automatic Control with PLC
  • Easy manual operation by touch panel
  • Alphanumeric printer
  • Independent electronic recorder
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Sterilization at vacuum
  • Volume up to 30 m3
  • Heating Jacket : S/S 304L Quality, water circulation in 3 different regions
  • Heating Skid: Steam Generator for humidification, and two Heating Tanks
  • Vacuum Pump:
    • Water ring type or
    • Oil ring type

ERNA EtO Sterilizer Mechanical Components:

  • —EtO Gas Circulation System – For homogeneous distribution of: temperature, EtO concentration and humidity)
  • —Evaporator & Vacuum Pump
  • —Automatic Bottle Changeover Sys.
  • —EtO Scrubber System
  • —EtO / H2O Concentration  Sensor (infrared technology)